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About Iona

As a child I was talkative, full of energy, and armed with a vivid imagination. I gave my parents all that they could handle! My mother introduced me to books. Both for my quiet times and for her sanity, I believe. With weekly trips to the Bookmobile I grew up to be an avid reader.

Later on in the early years of marriage, my husband and I lived in Page, Arizona, a small town cut out of the Navajo reservation. I found an outlet for my talkative nature through teaching and speaking. In the process, I made many wonderful friends among the Navajo People.

Today, I live in Colorado with my husband. I’m surrounded by my three sons, two are married and raising their own families. They have supported me in this new chapter of life, which has freed my imagination.

My first novel The Harvest Club is being published by The Wild Rose Press. I am currently working on a second novel Not For Sale.