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There are some things that even in a new year I just shouldn’t do. Karaoke, for example, probably isn’t one of my strong points. It would be better left to someone who can actually sing and doesn’t mind doing it in front of people.

I don’t think I’ll try skydiving or bungee jumping either. Just looking down from heights can make me sick much less propelling myself off some little platform with only a few rubber bands to hold me. And don’t get me started about jumping out of a plane. I can hardly sit in one for a few hours without wondering how it stays up in the air at all. So why, in heavens name would I want to jump out of one hurling through the air towards the fast approaching ground. I’m the one who claps when the plane lands.

I think it’s best to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. I do however think it’s probably okay if I run after my passion for writing like it’s the last train of the night. Happy 2014! Here’s to adventures in this year that are tailored made for you.