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Research has shown that daydreaming can help creativity. (I smile) I knew it! All the daydreaming I did over the years was really good for me. My mother used to get exasperated with me, my teachers tried their best to call me be back to earth, and in general people didn’t get it, but I did. I never tired of getting lost in the thoughts and pictures in my mind.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve made up stories in my head. I’ve re-imaged the ending to books I was reading, and in general lived with my head in the cloud, or at least my mom told me I did. I seemed to find a voice for all of this when I made my first attempt at writing those stories down.

My daydreaming has taken the form of writing novels. Fifteen over the past ten years, to be exact. There are stories all around us, stories of love, greed, and many that inspire us. Some reveal how ruthless a human can be, while others show someone’s goodness that can bring us to tears. When penned to paper and read, stories can make us desire to be a better human, fill us with courage and resolve, educate and inspire us and often make us laugh. Thank you to all the authors who wrote the books I’ve lived through, and to the readers who gave this budding author a chance. I have to say I love writing and letting my imagination loose to play. For those of you who’ve read any of my books you know, my mind walks down some odd and strange pathways.

Some days my mind is filled with inspired thoughts but on other days it’s ridiculous questions that take center stage like: How many roads does a man need to drive down before he realizes he’s lost and asks for directions? Can tomfoolery be done only by Tom? Or as a friend says you know you’ve drank too much coffee when you can thread a running sewing machine. I’m procrastinating! But I love those days that work in harmony. A day when daydreams and the incubation of ideas came together and make for a great day of writing.

I especially enjoy when a reader tells me how they feel about one of my books. I’m happy to share them when they do. It keeps me motivated and encouraged to keep writing as long as I can.

5 Stars “A Common Thread” is a thrilling mystery that draws readers into a web of crimes and personal entanglements. Jessie Reynolds, the determined protagonist, is a compelling character who guides us through a complex investigation that links a missing girl, a murder, and a potential serial killer.

The collaboration between Jessie and Matt Parker adds depth to the story, and their dynamic is both engaging and relatable. The incorporation of elements like ghosts, an improbable journey, and old enemies from the past adds a touch of intrigue and mystique to the narrative…In summary, “A Common Thread” is a captivating mystery that keeps readers engaged with its intriguing characters and complex storyline.