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In an often mean world I find it hard to believe that there are any nice people left out there. The news on most days is distressing and often shows the worst sides of humanity. Revenge seems to be the optimum word of the day. But call me naive, I still think there is good to be found in humanity and some folks are a pleasant revelation. No, they aren’t the ones screaming at us from our TV’s, or those demonizing someone different from them, but they are the ones who work quietly behind the scenes to make our world a better place.

Their stories inspire us, bring us hope, and make us want to be better ourselves. Their actions are like candles lit n the cosmic way. They seem to understand the value of every person, no matter their faith, political beliefs, or the state of their birth. These folks are able to see beyond the facade erected, to the good seed planted deep in another’s life. Their stories of courage, sacrifice, and love break through where nothing else can.

Love and kindness are never wasted…

They always make a difference

They bless the one who receives them,

and they bless you,

the giver.

~*~ Barbara De Angelis ~*~