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I give you a small taste of Not for Sale.

Jessie cleared her throat. “I believe the one who can tell you the most is Abigail. She saw it, which is another good reason we need to find her. This morning she sent me a picture showing me her surroundings. Are there some abandoned cabins in the area where you can still hear the ocean?” Jessie looked at her notes. “She showed me many trees and a road that was more of an overgrown pathway.”

“More than a few, I’m sure.” Matt looked skeptical.

“Sent you a picture, how?” Dylan looked at her, puzzled.

“In my mind…I know, weird, huh?” She smiled at his expression. “It must be the drinking water in this town.” She looked at her phone when it buzzed, reading a new text. “But don’t fry your brains trying to figure it out. I can’t, and it’s happening to me.” Amusement lit up her eyes. “By the way, Frank’s in the parking lot if you want to get started.”

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