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I have been thinking for several weeks now, I need a road trip. I’m in search of a town that looks like the one in my books. It is visually clear in my mind; an ocean front community, with some great little shops, and wonderful views of the ocean. I want to spend a few days there getting a feel for the area, and their way of life. Call it a therapy session, research, or vacation, I can hear it calling my name.

Life has a way of trapping us in routine and the mundane. Don’t get me wrong routine can be good, there’s a certain comfort in it. But, an open road, and a little time away is equally satisfying. The past several years has taken me on a transformational journey. Not an easy time, by any stretch of the imagination, but it helped me reinvent myself after a major career shift.

I started writing Novels, which in itself has been therapy. I have characters living, breathing, and telling their story in my head. They have added another dimension to who I am and I love them for it. From the cars that they drive, to the way they interact, I enjoying watching them come to life. I can’t always change the things happening around me, but in their world and on paper I can.

The third book in the Blue Cove Mystery Series will be out on June 29. The Game Changer  starts in Blue Cove, travels to Palm Springs, and then back again. I’m ready for my road trip. The only question I have is, do I take Matt’s truck, Jessie’s car, or maybe the dream express?