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Iona Morrison This year was a tough one in that I saw my husband go through three major medical procedures, but a glorious one in that he is feeling better and we are sharing this wonderful season together. So from my house to yours I’m wishing you all a happy holiday season. As I look back on 2015 I have found many moments that made this year a special one. Life seems to be a mixed bag at times, but the highlights can help to carry us through the tough times. I do believe real happiness is found only in loving and being loved, that sometimes life requires a leap of faith, and life is best when we live simply or simply live. May yours be a season of joy and may 2016 be a sweet year to you. Here are a few of my highlights.

Not For Sale was released in May                       The Harvest Club reached bestseller on Kindle.

Grandkids and family made for some of the best memories of all.





Add to these my first limo ride, several bouquets of flowers, another contract on a book, and life itself, it has been a sweet, blessed year.


From the beginning to almost the end 2015 has been quite a ride. Happy Holidays!