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I thought I would share a few of the reviews for The Harvest Club that I’ve received so far. This has been a great and learning experience for me.

Just finished The Harvest Club and really enjoyed it. The characters are so believable, real and likeable and that’s important to me as I read a story. I want to be able to relate to them and “their” experiences and the author weaves an interesting and fun story through them. I also loved the setting and could visualize this cozy East Coast Ocean front community. I’ve always wanted to live in a “Blue Cove” town and Iona Morrison paints an exquisite picture to invite me in. Finally, the story moves forward at a good pace which kept me wanting for more. I love the “bitey” relationship between Jessie and Matt. We have all met Katie somewhere in our lives and she is a hoot! The combination of mystery, intrigue and everyday life was a joy to read! Mark Bork


I just finished a new (and first) novel written by Iona Morrison; title “The Harvest Club”. Wow, what a great read!! I enjoyed every page of this mystery. My criteria for a good read are style, character and plot development. Ms. Morrison’s clean, crisp writing style kept me turning pages and I was intrigued by the characters from the start. Plot development is tight and keeps you guessing all the way to the end.
The main character Jessie is a delight. It is great to see a strong woman character not painted as isolated and needy due to her strength. Always disappointing are the seemingly strong women characters that fall apart and in the end some guy comes in to rescue them. Wonderful to read a book where the female character is genuinely strong and the world doesn’t melt backwards into the 50’s!!
Throughout the book Jessie’s character never wavers, she is self-confident because of her personal convictions and ethics. Her curiosity and internal intelligence serve her well and guide her to the truth.
The setting, the plot and all the other characters are there for the reader to discover. Through her writing skill, Ms. Morrison transports you to Blue Cove and tells a story that will linger in your mind for a long time.
I say Iona Morrison nailed it!!! I cannot wait until her next book.


This is a great book! It is engaging and believable, well written with a great pace. She successfully tackles a hard subject in this work. Looking for Ms. Morrison’s next book!

I appreciate these and the other folks who took the time to write a review on The Harvest Club. You can check it out on Amazon or at The Wild Rose Press.