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My guest today is Author Susan Jean Ricci. I invited her to my blog to tell you about her new book Falling for Niagara.

     A New Muse & My New Best Friend

            When my publisher Annie Acorn recently asked if I’d like to write a short story for her Romance anthology, I did a mental roll call for a hidden muse lurking around, who might be interested in this project.

After all, the muse usually inhabiting my persona is a mischievous vixen, not to mention a tad naughty. Surely, a softer substitute would be needed for me to achieve a sweet romance story.

Since there was a deadline involved, the muse I usually rely on cried, “Foul,” and decided it needed a vacation pronto, especially when she realized she had to be replaced.

Gah! Naturally, Annie soon called me, looking for an update. She asked me how the work was going, but I wasn’t about to say, “No where.”

So I faked it. Told her it was humming along. She asked me what the working title was, but this I couldn’t fudge.

Then, bam, all of a sudden, a tiny voice suggested, “Tell her it’s called Falling For Niagara.”

My publisher told me she LOVED the title – so there I was, stuck with it, for better or worse.

I had a great title, but no story.

I did, however, have a new, albeit shy muse.

Just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else? 

            Anyway, I’m deep into sleepy time a few days later, when afore-mentioned muse woke me up with a knock-knock and a great idea.

It was caffeine time for me even though it was 3AM.

The story progressed nicely, even though my vixen muse stood on the sidelines giving my romance muse obscene gestures, which thankfully went unnoticed.

Soon Falling For Niagara was about to be finished, but the story didn’t have an appropriate ending, or not one I was satisfied with.

I tried to get strict with my new muse, but she was tougher than me.

She shared I should dig deeper within the story, flesh it out a bit more, and the answer would come.

She was right!

            It’s nice to know that, as an author, you can call upon unused resources when you’re stuck out in left field, with no hope of catching a fly ball.

             Great to realize, too, you can make a new best friend with another muse you’re unfamiliar with, or didn’t even know existed.

Thank you, Iona, for allowing me to share my new journey. Falling For Niagara is one of the sweetest stories I’ve ever written, and I’m happy with it.


The blurb:

Niagara Falls – a lovers’ destination if ever there was one, but keep in mind that the world in the award-winning, Cindy’s Crusades series is always a bit topsy-turvy. Given the odds, even the iconic romantic setting may fail to work its magic, as an alpha male who hasn’t bothered to date seriously and a talented young woman who believes she has already seen it all are thrown together in this warm-hearted, stand-alone story.  A pair of binoculars, a chance meeting, and an accommodating waiter all conspire to create a bit of Heaven on Earth as the beloved, From Women’s Pens author Susan Jean Ricci weaves her delightful tale, filled with the love and humor for which this wonderful series is noted.  So grab your raincoat and find a place on one of the fall’s many observation decks. You won’t want to miss this one!

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