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Jessie Reynolds had no idea when she moved to Blue Cove she would be sharing her life with a ghost. A young pastor is murdered and Jessie finds herself following the trail of death into the dark and deadly world of organ trafficking. The detective in charge of the case is Matt Parker, a tall, scruffy, and ruggedly handsome man who takes an instant dislike to her and the feeling is mutual. He wants her out of his investigation and she finds herself entangled in it. As the tension between them mounts so does the attraction.

Here is one small scene between them:

Jessie didn’t say anything but handed him the note. She had forgotten about until she had reached in her purse to give Molly some money. She watched him scan it, his hand clenched at his side.  “Short but to the point.'” He frowned and read it to her. “Quit looking for things your eyes shouldn’t see or like Gina you’ll deal with me. Blue eyes will go the way of brown only your body will never be found.”