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Life rarely gives you a perfect script. As a matter of fact it’s often messy and not what we expect. It can be contrary to our best laid plans and often mocks our optimism. Life gets interrupted! The urgent takes the place of the important. But here, at my computer, I can for a moment have it my way. Stories can end the way I say.

I can imagine people in my world the way I would like to see them. I can have happy endings, kind people, and good that triumphs over evil; moonlight runs, ocean views and heroes or heroines  who save the day; true love that last a life time, people who rise above their hardships, and people who win in the end. I can make up towns to live in, villains who will not succeed and the most unlikely person will rise above the rest. It’s my world for the time that I sit here writing. Yes, I know I can’t stay here and yes, I know nothing in life may have changed, that is nothing but me.

Somehow I walk away with the belief there is still so much beauty in the world around me. So many great stories of ordinary people still to be told. Those stories tell me that one life can make a difference even if it’s only to me; they remind me that every life is valuable and cannot be replaced by another. So I breathe in and I breathe out. I walk putting one foot in front of the other even if I have no where to go. I believe life is still beautiful and I’m thankful to be alive.