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David Knight Photography at Blue Ridge Parkway

To snap such a gorgeous photo with the light falling in such an amazing way is truly a gift. In a single moment the beauty of this place was brought to life for others to enjoy by this photographer. I wonder how many people have passed by this place never seeing its beauty on a daily basis. His eyes through his camera lens captured it perfectly.

To people who see through the eyes of love life is beautiful. Every sunset is a masterpiece, every child’s laugh is music to the ears, and every person has some good to be found in them even if it must be searched for. Love changes the color of the lens that we look through.

To a noisy and angry world meeting a person who speaks with a kind and soft voice can make life seem more peaceful. A soft answer can turn away anger. Kindness can make a person’s day and change how they feel about themselves. The person who speaks this way lives in peace.

To a hurting world a person who lends a helping hand can make the difference between life and death. The person who receives is blessed and the one who gives has a life that is full.

To those who care with compassionate hearts, life is good. With all of its ups and downs life has promise and a compassionate person can find hope in it all.

To have really lived before we die like the artist we must create it. To give and to receive is how we will enjoy what we have created; to search and to find the joy of the moment that if not careful to observe we might pass by it’s beauty daily.

To me this is a life and not just living; to make the world a better place for having been here.