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Research has show that daydreaming can help creativity. (I smile) I knew it all along! All the daydreaming I did over the years was really good for me. My mother used to get exasperated with me, my teachers tried their best to call me be back to earth, and in general people didn’t get it, but I did.

Today was one of those days that worked in harmony. A day when daydreams and the incubation of ideas came together, and made for a great day of writing. Another chapter in my novel fell into place with one chapter flowing into the next with a few cool surprises tucked inside. (I smile again)

To me the hours spent in writing are therapy, without the high price. I can explore the complex cause and effects of human actions, all while sitting at my desk. I can create a world as I see it, or want it to be,  right in my own imagination.

As Julia Alvarez said: “A novel is, not after all a historical document but a way to travel through the human heart.” Here’s to enjoying the trip!