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Image may contain: 1 person, closeupWe are moving again; part two in our downsizing adventure. The first time was leaving a house we had lived in for over twenty years. We’ve been here for four. Smart would have been to move every year so we couldn’t accumulate more stuff. Have you ever noticed that stuff has a way of multiplying? Especially, if you put it in a dark closet or a sealed box. I honestly believe there is a conspiracy afoot to keep us buying more things to add to our collections. It is  the way those pesky boxes continue to grow even when we are not watching them. If only our savings would multiply the same way.

I’m finding I can live with a lot less than I thought. If I haven’t tasted it, worn it, or used it in the past year it is gone. Seems like a simple enough motto even for me. The most amazing thing about sorting through everything, besides taking a break to sit and rest, is that amidst all the trash I have found a few treasures. I found a picture of my parents on their wedding day. Definitely a keeper for my family.

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I found a picture of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother, Franklin and Becky Hurst along with my two great aunts Mary and Jane when they were little girls. I’m not sure who the baby is. I think some research is order. What fun I’m having and of course, wasting time for as long as I can, before I have to get back to packing. I couldn’t resist a few more pictures, including me way back when, and that’s all I’m going to say. No more trips down memory lane. Back to work!

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