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Finding a Way Forward is the latest of the Blue Cove Mystery Series and has quickly become my favorite. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Here’s a small taste of Finding a Way Forward.
“A flash of lightning lit up the living room with its brightness, followed by a clash of thunder that reverberated off the walls around her. The reflection danced eerily across the cove. She shielded her eyes, looking away for a few seconds. The air crackled with suspense. Jessie stared out the window, not wanting to miss…what? Motionless, she was spellbound, gazing into the heavens as the flashes of light and the darkness suddenly took on forms. With their swords drawn and gleaming shields in front of them, beings of bright light zipped in and out of the clouds. And then she saw him, a dark, terrifying dragon-like creature rising out of the dark waters and rushing toward the sky, warring with the creatures of light in the night sky. “