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This week brought my first review on Amazon in the UK. I’m a little excited and wanted to share it with you along with a couple of other reviews. All gave The Harvest Club from The Wild Rose Press five stars.

“Yes, I agree with other Amazon reviewers of this very commendable debut novel by Iona Morrison. Reading it, you certainly wouldn’t think it was her first.

Believable characters and a briskly paced plot involve and carry you along to the heart-stopping, dramatic conclusion. Small-town America, with sinister undertones of badness (shades of Blue Velvet) happening, ironically, around a church, is vividly evoked. And a tang of the paranormal is stirred into the tale to produce a spicy, enjoyable mix.

I didn’t see the horrific point of the title until some way in (shocking realization!) or guess the identity of no. 1 bad guy at all, so kudos to Iona for that. And yes; she’s set the scene for more highly readable mysteries in Blue Cove to come, hopefully.

Highly recommended!”


“This is a fun and fascinating mystery intricately woven to a suspenseful and exciting journey. You will find yourself turning pages fast as you follow Jesse through this intriguing story. I look forward to more terrific reads from Iona Morrison. I will be the first tn line to get the next one!”

One more for good measure:

“A great story! I enjoyed the setting of Blue Cove and getting to know the people there. Gradually we are drawn deeper into the intrigue of what Iona Morrison’s tale is REALLY all about. I learned a lot about something criminal and horrible (I won’t say what so as not to spoil it for other readers), and a most plausible, yet shameful way of covering up such crimes. I think Iona Morrison has done her homework, because the story rings true.”