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One year ago on September 5, The Harvest Club was released. (Happy Birthday to my first book.) It has been a roller coaster of a year since then. I released a second book in May, saw my husband go through three major medical procedures, and finished two more books. I’m still amazed and excited every time I see my books on Amazon. Or when someone starts to talk to me about the characters like they are real people. They are very real to me and are at home in my head. Thank you, thank you, for all of your support, prayers, and encouragement. I hope there will soon be another Blue Cove Mystery out there to join them. The Harvest Club is still doing well… And I’m very grateful that my husband is still with me.

Iona M Morrison's photo.
Here are what some folks are saying:
“I loved the book, found it hard to believe that this was the authors first book. Just enough description of background to put me in the setting without getting bogged down with minutia. Fast paced page turner without profanity. Answered my desires in a book.” 
“Overall, I enjoyed reading The Harvest Club. The pacing is well done, and Jessie is a smart and sweet heroine. I recommend it to anyone looking for a mystery that alternates effortlessly between being chilling and heartwarming.”
I’m not much of a reader, and a book really has to grab my attention early, and keep it. This book did just that. Iona Morrison’s got a real way with telling the story of Jessie that makes you connect with her character from the get go. The relationship between Jessie and Matt is so well represented, I can’t wait to see what happens next. One specific thing I enjoyed is that Iona is able to marry a wholesome content with some paranormal activity – which for this reader was a big hit! I’m already half-way through her second novel “Not for Sale” and have to tell you – it’s better than Harvest Club. KUDOS to Iona Morrison, and here’s to the next several novels in her series!”

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