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What I enjoy most about writing is that almost anything can inspire me. A photo, a place, or even the waiter who served me at lunch. His smile or the way he talked can turn the wheels of my imagination and suddenly a story starts to frame itself in my mind.

When I look at this scene. I can see a woman running through the woods alone or at least she thinks she’s alone. She has established a nice steady pace for herself. Here feet are striking the ground a sound she is lost in; her mind is thinking ahead to what she has to get done when she arrives back home. She is unaware of her surroundings she has reached the running zone. She is oblivious to his eyes that are tracking her every movement. He’s staying behind her just far enough to keep her in his sights, while remaining out of hers. Will he give chase, is he building up the nerve, or is he another runner enjoying the peaceful quiet? It could go so many ways. The story is waiting to be told.


When I saw this photo a few days ago my attention was instantly captured. It’s certainly spooky enough. What would my character find if she stumbled upon in in the woods? Would she live to tell about it? There are so many stories waiting to be told in these two photos alone.

Fiction, of course, is made-up. It’s a lie with an element of truth to it. I find through my character’s lips and personalities I can say things that I could never get away with saying in real life. I can create towns for them to live in, situations to go through, and even new worlds if I want.

I’m not in competition with other writers, but I am with myself. I want to improve my craft and write a better book each time I write one. It’s idealistic I know and only the reader will be the judge of whether I am successful or not. Like every author I want to believe that there may be a great book in me somewhere and I haven’t yet been inspired by the idea.

Mostly, I love to write because at last my imagination is free.

Summer is coming to a close I wish you a beautiful and happy fall. May the next path you take be one of beauty.