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My release date is less than two months away. I am both excited and very nervous at the same time. So much has happened since the day I made the decision to write a book. It sounded like such a simple thing to do at the time. I wasn’t really thinking about having it published. I just wanted to write it. But things have a way of changing and new decisions are made.

A fascinating thing happened as I began to write. I found characters coming to life in my head and clamoring to have their story told. They showed up at the strangest times and in places I least expected them. Their story  kept building with twists and turns that surprised even me. My imagination came alive and I found I was hooked from the beginning to the end. I loved the crazy conversations that would wake me up at night or the feelings that came over me when I would see something through their eyes. And then it was finished. I felt slightly lost almost in mourning wondering what to do with myself next.

Thankfully they were not done yet. They had more to say. New stories have taken root, weaving their way through my mind taking me on other adventures, with the hint of more to come.

September 5, is the first time anyone other than my editors will read my debut book. It is  strange to think about. The what ifs have come front and center in my mind. All I can say is, it is what is, one of the grand adventures in my life.