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    The first cool days of fall are such a welcome relief from the heat of summer.  With the leaves changing into their glorious autumn colors I have to say this is my favorite season of the year. It always feels as if it is the start of a new year to me, instead of in January. I guess it’s because summer changes the routine of life a little and the familiar returns in the fall. It’s time for me to take a deep breath and do a little bragging about some totally awesome kids.

My youngest granddaughter received an award for a special project she did. Fiona, a third grader, decided that she wanted to support a clean water project in Kenya. She gave a presentation at an adult Sunday school on the challenges people can face in accessing clean water and how that can impact the ability of girls to attend school. Fiona’s original goal was to earn $10, which would have raised enough money for one clean water kit – but through her presentation and by selling her drawings over social media and at an outdoor stand, she raised enough to buy a whole well. This well supports 159 students and their teachers in Kenya in having access to clean, safe drinking water in their school. Fiona said, “My two favorite parts were drawing the pictures and hearing how many people I gave clean water. When I heard how many people I helped, I felt proud of what I did. She was given The Young Humanitarian Award from a woman from the nation of Kenya. We are so proud of her.   


From soccer games, acts of kindness, and rounds of birthdays it has been a summer filled with grandkids and all their special accomplishments. Artwork, a first round of paintball,Tae Kwon Do, track, and a story translated into French are among a few of this summer’s highlights.  My oldest grandson is taking a creative writing class which makes this author grandmother happy. A story he wrote last year took second place in the school writing contest. Besides bringing laughter, and energy to anything they do they are great dreamers. One wants to design video games, one is learning Japanese and wants to go to Japan and another has dreams of going to Paris. Add to the mix they are kind and caring to those in need and you can see why I think bragging is okay once in a while.