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“By leaving behind the familiar and taking a leap of faith into something new, you find who you are truly capable of becoming.” Unknown

In the height of the great recession I lost my job and so did my husband. He had to go on the road and was gone for about ten months.  Being apart  was something we had never experienced before. Not only had we been married many years, raised our three boys, but we had also worked side by side in the same office. It was not an easy time for us.

I took the leap of faith spoken of  in the quote above. I signed up for a writing class which I had to test for. It was completely opposite of what I had been doing, which included being with people and speaking publically. I wasn’t sure if it was even possible for me to sit in a room alone and write. I was so used to being among people.

During the process of the class I discovered I loved writing fiction. I would get lost in the writing of a story but at the same time I found myself on every page that I wrote. I was being reinvented along with the story that I was writing.

I discovered I was capable of more than I could imagine. I wrote a novel which is soon to be published. And since the first, I’ve finished a second novel with a third book more than 1/3 of the way done. Writing fiction has given me wings to fly. What seemed like the end with the slamming of a door, and a leap of faith into the unknown, I found a side of me that I  never knew existed. I love this new phase in my life which allows my creative side to exert it’s self. My imagination has been set free, and I am at a new place in my life.

Here’s to taking that leap away from the familiar into a new way to be.