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It’s February and time is marching on. What once seemed like a routine medical appointment for my husband turned into a scary month of tests and waiting.  Several times we heard that terrible C word that makes your heart beat rapidly, your mouth feel dry, and your stomach turn flip flops. We began a roller coaster ride of waiting with our minds thinking of every scenario they could conjure up. Sleep at times was very far away and distant when we needed it most.

Before we ever made it to the consultation for my husband, one of his younger brothers had a heart attack and heart surgery to put in two stints. Wow, can I just say  the last few weeks have been a  whirlwind and somewhat of a blur. I know that I lived them with raw emotions and vulnerability, but the details are somewhat fuzzy. Just breathe I reminded myself often.

My husbands consultation with the doctor was better than we had hoped for. It is in the early stages and is very, small. The doctor was amazed it had been seen and wondered how they had caught it. His brother is going to be okay with a few lifestyle changes. I think it might be time to let down for a moment and truly breathe a sigh of relief from a very grateful heart. Of coarse, we have the procedure still do go through, so we are gearing up for that.

My husband is my greatest fan and has supported my writing since day one. So he was excited with me through the midst of his own personal crisis, when I received the cover for my second novel, “Not for Sale“. Life is messy, its filled with good and bad, and happy and sad. Sometimes going on all at the same time. But, it’s never more sweet than when you think it could be over. Savoring the moment that I’m living in is my plan for now and breathing just breathing.