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Sometimes the path to spring is paved with snow and ice. Beautiful but a little bumpy along the way. There are times when winter seem so long, but spring always comes.

“We have shards of truth, and we can gather them up, bits of broken mosaic tile that shine. We know that this is a very dangerous place, that we are an extremely vulnerable species, that Cain is still killing Abel.” Anne Lamott

So I ask why, which is not a useful question or where is grace, which is sometimes hard to see in life’s situations. When the winter of life seems so long, or I see tragedy which once again reminds me just how vulnerable I am as a human in this world; it leaves me wondering once again, what I can do to make a difference in a hurting world. Maybe the only answer is to simply live with love.

Love is the only remedy for hate, but it wouldn’t hurt if I stopped to think before I speak either. It might be a good idea too, if whatever light I have could be used to dispel the darkness and not as a tool of judgment or anger. I know it may sound simplistic to say in the face of the complex problems our world is facing, but it is reduced to this for me. I can impact my world the most by the changes I make and how I treat every person I meet. In the end the only person I can change is me. The process can be scary and beautiful. Something like the process of the earth awakening, blossoming, and growing, after a long cold winter.