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Amour, amore, love! In any language it is the subject of many novels, poems and songs. And, of course, murder mysteries when the relationship goes bad. It has always fascinated me what attracts one person to another. There are so many variables that go into two people meeting, falling in love, and finding happiness together. Whether they will remain in love is also the subject of many other books.

Needless to say we have been reading stories for years built around people falling in and out of love; during war and times of peace; in this world or in other worlds; in this era or those gone by; with the girl next door or even of the ghostly variety. From the sheer joy of it’s first stirrings or the utter despondency with it’s loss, love is there, always hanging near the edges of our minds. We hope for it, we search for it and long for it to last a life-time. It is the basis for all that is good and decent in the world. A life without love wouldn’t be life at all!