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A quick glance back at 2014 tells me I had a very good year. My first novel The Harvest Clubwas released on September 5.  In October I signed the contract for my second book Not for Sale. I can’t say that it fulfilled a life long dream, as a matter-of-fact it only came to be a dream a few years ago. I thought for sure I would write a nonfiction self-help style book, but a writing class, after losing my job, changed even that for me. I fell in love with fiction and found I had all these characters alive in me who had stories they wanted to tell. Fiction captured my imagination, which brought with it a joy, and passion for writing.

2014 also handed me an unexpected gift in a chance meeting. I was wrapped in a big hug and a hurt from the past was shaken from my heart. Moments like this do not happen often in life, so I am taking this gift with a smile and a deep sense of gratefulness. 2014 held a few other special surprises and firsts. I awakened to see  a whole world that exists outside of my small world, with people who have none of what I have. I can pretend they’re not there or that I’m not in some way connected to them but that doesn’t change the facts. My only recourse is to learn to treat others the way that I would wish to be treated. Reminding myself that life can change in a moment for anyone for good or bad.

2014 also brought with it some big changes in my thinking about faith, my goals in life, and even my politics. I’m convinced if you don’t live it in love you won’t be able to give it away. No one will want it. I’m saying no more fad diets please, no starving or feasting just eating to live. No new fitness trends, but moving, walking, and stretching as long as I can. I want to live simply so others can simply live; to let laughter and writing intermingle in my days.  Oh, and  this is an absolute must, I want to enjoy this precious life with the people I love.  I hope in this new year you will find many of your dreams coming true and it will give you an unexpected treasure or two to file away in memories to savor.