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After a lengthy process of moving from a large house to a condo we are finally settled in. Tired, but happy to have it done. Along the way we had to downsize and let go of more than a few possessions. Not so easy until you get into the swing of it, and then it’s just freeing. We are still getting rid of more since we’ve got into the new place. I’m beginning to think moving, as hard as it is, may be a very good thing. It’s way too easy to get comfortable and never change your surroundings or try new things. Letting go of some of the old and making room for something new can be the beginning of a whole new way to live. So I’m moving on.

This has been a year of change for me. So many things happening in a short period of time. It has challenged, stretched and encouraged me to be and to do things I’ve only dreamed about. Here’s to moving on in life and  the hope that as long as you continue to breathe you can grow, create and make some of your dreams come true. 🙂