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“There are moments when I feel I awakened again to life happening beyond me. A whole world exists, with people who have none of what I have. I can pretend they’re not there or that I’m not in some way connected to them but that doesn’t change the facts. My only recourse is to treat others the way that I would wish to be treated. Reminding myself that life can change in a moment for anyone for good or bad.”

“I get the feeling this world which is so full of magic, waits patiently (or not so patient) for our senses to grow sharper. The hidden waits for us to become curious enough to search, and to listen. It waits for us to desire, to awaken, and to live before we die. We often just survive. We rush to work, we rush through our day, we come home only to arise, and do it all again. But what if… an extremely powerful thought…what if. A question that writers, filmmakers, and artists try to get us to think about. The amazing possibility of more.”

“I love to watch the autumn leaves dance on a windy day or a child jumping in a pile to scatter them away. I enjoy new paths, in unusual places that set my imagination free. For all the while I travel there, I am finding me.”

“There are some puddles in every path it would seem. The difference is, as a kid I went out of my way to find them and now I go out of my way to avoid them. What’s up with that? I guess it’s all in how we view the puddle.”

“Good things and bad things all jumbled together, that’s life. Learning to find the good in a an otherwise bad day, that’s progress.”

“Every once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, love hands you a fairy tale. It may be only for a moment, but you live in it.”


“The longer I live the more I believe love really is the answer.”

And just for fun and because I can.