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Not for Sale was released on May 22. Its first review are up.

“Not For Sale”. By Iona Morrison caught my attention immediately! She knows how to start a book, because it is that good, you don’t want to put it down! The intensity of this story moved me deeply as I¬†experienced it page by page. I was glad to see Jesse and Matt, the characters we remember from her former book in this one. Jesse and Matt are intriguing, to say the least, as you follow them thru their unique investigative style! I know you will enjoy this book. Iona Morrison has a unique gift of bringing you into the life of her exciting mysteries with descriptive language. Easy, exciting, and fascinating reading.”

“Iona Morrison’s book, Not for sale, is as good or better than her first novel, The Harvest Club. In this book, she wastes no time diving in head first into the plot, because she had familiarized the main characters in the first novel. Woven through the book is a great love story that grows through time. Iona writes about important issues like child trafficking and the police work behind it in such a way that I found it intriguing and insightful. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a story with lots of twists and turns.”

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