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I really don’t talk to myself – hmm-unless of course you count talking to all the people I’ve created in my mind. I say that with a smile. I want the characters of my books to feel like real people and the best way for that to happen is to have talks with them to see what’s on their minds. Writing a character driven book that shows not tells may sound easy but it’s not.

For me old habits die hard. I’ve been telling people what to do since I was old enough to talk. What can I say I was a strong willed child. As a matter of fact I was kicked out of kindergarten which did bode well for me. So the desire to tell the reader everything runs deep inside me.

I’m grateful for my mentor Mary, and her trusty read marks. She doesn’t let me get away with anything. Book one was a massive overhaul with too many red marks to count, lots of head hopping to correct, and rewrites. Now I’m not saying I’ve got it down by book three let’s just say with Mary’s help I’m improving and hope to be a stronger writer with time.

It’s worth it to me this learning process and curtailing of my every detail nature because I do love to write. I love to read and I want to love the books that I write. Which I can say – I do.