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Life on the road has a few perks and downsides. We have learned, in crash course style, many of the downsides in a few short weeks. For example, it’s important to remember certain steps like always making sure you don’t leave the water open in a bathroom sink with the stopper in it when you hook up to water or you might have a mini-flood. (Rob) Thankfully we noticed it quickly and I went into action with anything handy to mop up the water. One of my keener observations is when it’s really windy outside it’s a lot like being in a boat out at sea, and when it rains several days in a row there aren’t many places you can escape to, but we have fared well so far.No seasickness and no major wars. I’ve managed to maintain my exercise routine daily, can I pat myself on the back and say yay here before I move on?

On the perk side of things, is seeing new places and meeting with some old friends and new ones alike along the way. I’ve had a great temporary office to work at and the scenery from the window has made me dub my space a room with a view.

Benson, Arizona was one of my favorite places so far. I got in touch with my inner nature lover in this small out of the way place. I saw roadrunners scurry along the road every morning and a large red tail hawk come down in front of my eyes when he spied his breakfast running on the ground. Thankfully it wasn’t one of the cute roadrunners. Every morning I jumped on my tramp to the sun rising over the mountains, it was breathtaking.

In the park where we stayed, we went to happy hour a couple of times and a jam session. We also play tourist for the day at the nearby town of Tombstone. I love history and I found myself thinking of a scene for a new book. I think traveling can be good to inspire the writer in me. I believe I could learn to love the journey as much as the destination, especially when we have no destination in mind and a day without minor catastrophes of our own making.

Yesterday was a travel day, but that is a story for another day. I leave you with pictures from Benson and Tombstone.

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