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I read a blog which encouraged you to read page 69 of a book a if you liked to buy the book.  So here is page 69 of The Harvest Club.


“They’ll slip up eventually. Bad guys always do.”Dylan changed the subject. “As soon as I caught up with the ladies, Brad and Rick veered off in another direction.”

“Stands to reason they wouldn’t want to be observed by you.” Matt closed the case file and a second file he’d opened. He picked up the second file to take with him.

“Say, are you about to call it a night?”Matt nodded.

“Give me ten and I’ll walk out with you.” Dylan turned to walk to his office.

They said goodnight to Joe on their way out the door. “You want to stop for a beer?” Dylan asked.

“Not tonight. My mind is still going over the case, and I think I just want to keep my focus for a while.”

Dylan got into his new Ford pickup and Matt went to his vehicle, his pride and joy, a cherry red ’53 Chevy pickup, fully restored, by his truly, in mint condition.

Stopped at a red light on the drive home, he thought about calling Jessie to tell her about his decision, but it was too late. He’d known for a while that he needed a fresh pair of eyes to look at some of the evidence in the case. Jessie might be that pair. After he did a background check on her and talked it over with the police chief, his mind was made up.