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By Tammy

“FAST FACTS” is a fun way to get to know some of my favorite (and some new-to-me) authors. Today, let’s get to know Author Iona Morrison! Here are Iona’s 10 fast facts:

1. I started writing later in life. I attended an online writing class through the University of Connecticut and discovered I like writing fiction.

2. The idea for my first book came from a custodian my first day on the job. She told me they had a church ghost, and my imagination took off.

3. I never read the genre I write, which is a romantic mystery with a touch of paranormal.

4. I have ten books published, with book eleven coming October 10, this year and two novellas.

5. I have seen a working bloodhound track while doing research for my books.

6. I love the process of watching a story come together from beginning to end. Especially the editing process where the story gets polished

.7. Three of my books were winners or finalists in the three award contests I entered. Each of my books have finished in the top ten in a reader’s poll.

8. Meeting and talking with the people who read my books is the best part of the job. I appreciate each of them. Marketing, on the other hand, is the hard part for me. It’s easier to author the book than market it. But I plug away at it.

9. I never know when a new idea will pop up and the next book will start. I am finishing my twelfth book now.

10. I still feel excitement when I hold one of my books in my hands. I find it hard to believe that I’ve written them. Truth is the feeling never gets old.

Thank you to Iona Morrison for sharing with us,

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