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I’ve read a few blogs recently that started by asking the question; if you could go back in time and talk to one person who would it be?  Honestly, I never can think of just one person, much less what we might talk about for a moment. But the blogs are filled with replies that amaze me. People have given a thought  to the one person they would like to speak to and the conversations they might have with them.

At some point, I hang my head because I still can’t settle on just one. There are many great people who have spoken words that resonate long after they have passed from this life; not to mention the great artists, poets, teachers and leaders of nations. To settle on only one is like eating one chip, or a single M&M.

I do sometimes wish, however, that I could go back in time and talk to myself. What was I thinking? Life moves by fast enough without being in such a hurry. I would look myself in the eye and say; slow down, you may not believe this, but times goes fast. I mean really fast, you’ll be old before you know it.

Those quirky little things you do are what make you, you. I would smile at me with a knowing smile. People will want to change that about you but don’t let them. You can give up many things, but not who you are in your heart of hearts. You probably will to fit in, but keep fighting to hold on to who you are.

Daydreams, don’t hurt. Believe in your dreams and you’ll reach some of them. You’ll be often told they’re impossible but hold tight to each one they will bring you joy when the naysayers are gone.

Smile often, love deeply, show kindness and lend a helping hand. Live simply so others can simply live. Be happy to be, in every stage of life given to you. Enough said for the truth is, I would be so shocked to go back in time and see me, I would say nothing at all.