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Thank you! It’s such a small statement that at times we totally overlook how powerful it can be in any language. Gracias, toda raba,  merci , danke, and grazie to mention a few ways it’s said around the world.  A simple expression which conveys our gratitude and whole lot more I think

A thank you received not only makes a day seem brighter but encourages you to keep on trying. Your action was  noticed and your  effort was recognized. Who doesn’t want to feel good about what they are doing?

So when we take one day a year to be thankful I think we should make great use of the time.  We should say thank you for all the good we have experienced in life and even for the not so good because combined they have helped to shape us. We should also take the time to thank those we love for being who they are and doing what they do. Life is short and we should thank them often.

I’m grateful for family and friends; for laughter, love and children’s giggles; for the beauty in our world and for taste buds that let me taste the flavors of a great meal; for music, art, and the amazing creations of people and most of all for being alive and experiencing love and the wonder of it all.

Happy Thanksgiving!