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Every town worth its salt has to have a coffee shop and a local hang out. In Blue Cove the place to be is Patterson’s or Java Joes.  If it’s coffee you want, head for Java Joes. Molly, the friendly and slightly colorful, shop manager will be waiting to serve you your coffee with a small side of gossip. You’ll find Joes to your liking with it’s comfy overstuffed couches, leather chairs and modern art work. They also have some great salads, sandwiches and baked goods.

But it’s Patterson’s where the locals like to eat. A step inside takes you across the ocean to an Old English Pub complete with dark wood paneling. The main room has a long bar and a small stage for live music on the weekend. If it’s billiards or darts you want, they’re in the back room. The beer is cold and the food is good, even if the owner is a little grumpy. If you visit Blue Cove you’ll most likely visit these places. See you there!