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“Life was meant to be lived,
and curiosity must be kept alive.
One must never, for whatever reason,
turn his back on life…”
~Eleanor Roosevelt~

Sometimes I get the feeling this world which is so full of magic, waits patiently (or not so patient) for our senses to grow sharper.  The hidden waits for us to become curious enough to search, and to listen. It waits for us to desire, to awaken, and to live before we die. We often just survive. We rush to work, we rush through our day, we come home only to arise, and do it all again. But what if… an extremely powerful thought…what if. A question that writers, filmmakers, and artists try to get us to think about. The amazing possibility of more. What the world might be like if we did this or we didn’t do that. What might happen if we could see what is going on around us hidden in the shadows.

I write because I like to imagine the possibilities of what if. I like to think about a protagonist who might have sharpened their senses. Who see and hear that which is unseen to most of humanity. I want a character who refuses to turn their back on life, and lives in each moment. I like to write because for a period of time I can live through my protagonist and I can see something beyond myself.

Yes, I know it’s only fiction but it’s my small attempt at caring. I feel very strongly about the subject in my new book, ‘Not For Sale’. The scourge of human trafficking, finding those enslaved, and the amazing people who work with tracking dogs that find real people everyday. I wanted my main character Jessie to represent what might happen if we actually tuned into the cries of humanity around us. Anyone of us, ordinary folks, could be a real hero or heroine. We could make a difference.