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I finished book two and I queried my editor. It is now safely in her hands along with my first book. The wait continues! Waiting isn’t the easiest thing in the world for me. But here I am tapping my foot under the desk while trying with very little luck, mind you, not to think daily about the two books. I only wish it were, out of sight, out of mind.

My thoughts are of the garden variety really, like you must have been insane to do this, or what were you thinking. I’m excited and at the same time I’m slightly mental. But, I’ll keep waiting because that’s what you do. You query and you wait to hear. They ask for a few chapters and you wait to hear. A request for the Manuscript arrives, it’s sent, and you wait to hear. They like it, a contract is signed, and you wait for edits, a galley, and a release date. I’m sure there must be something important about all of the waiting but as of yet I’m not sure exactly what it is. So I keep writing like a mad woman hearing voices in her head and book three is underway. I was told a few days ago I should have a time – line for book one soon, and you’ve got it by now, I’m waiting to hear.