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I’ve been thinking about the phrase ‘throwing in the towel’. Is there a particular towel I need to throw, and if I decide to throw it where should I send it. Does it mean I’m frustrated, giving up, or that the towel is too old? Has the towel done something wrong? Should I give it up on it and simply buy a new one? Is there a line I need to stand in, or can I do this alone? All important questions when thinking of the towel.

Possibly, I could throw it out the window with my computer if frustration is the marker. These questions are right up there for me with does a penguin have knees. Yes, they do thank you very much. Now all I need to do is to figure out which towel I need to throw, if and when I decide to throw it.

Days like this have me wondering where some of our phrases, sayings, and idioms come from. In this case the idiom throwing in the towel comes from boxing. The trainer or manager literally throws in a towel as a signal that their fighter has given up. It means to stop doing something because you cannot succeed or your too continue. Now I’ve learned something new.

I like learning new things. I’ve discovered today the only way I will throw in the towel is if it’s too worn out and not useable anymore. Otherwise, I’ll keep trying like the little engine who could.

#hanginthere #keeptrying #don’tgiveup