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The countdown is done, September 5th has arrived bringing with it the fulfillment of a dream. I don’t have to wait another minute. ‘The Harvest Club’ is done, and released. The first review has been written, the first books have been purchased, and life in this moment is sweet. What do I do next with all these emotions filling my mind and heart? Why, I must write, of course and continue to feed the passion that came when I started writing ‘The Harvest Club’ story so many months ago.

I have new ideas and stories ready to be put to paper. The writing must continue. It’s the stories that push me onward and the people who want them told. My friends, those lovely characters are alive chattering away in my mind. They have things to say about subjects that are important to them. Who knew when I gravitated to fiction over non-fiction that important things could be said in the wrappings of make believe. Stephen King said. “Fiction is a lie. The good fiction is the truth inside the lie.” Tonight I celebrate and tomorrow I will write.