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I would like to introduce you to Alexia Stevens a special friend I met on twitter. I know you’ll enjoy reading about her family Christmas traditions. She is the writer of a great blog which I hope you’ll check out.

Twice Baked Christmas

My favorite time of year is the Thanksgiving / Christmas holidays.  I enjoy watching Christmas movies year round because I like to stay in the warmness of the holiday season; everything from family and friends to the home baked goodness shared between family, friends and neighbors. And NO, I never ever tire of watching the movies year round.

One of our favorite traditions for Thanksgiving is that my father-in-law gives each member in our family a new tree ornament after the meal.  So, it’s like Christmas –twice.

Another tradition we have adopted is to choose one of the two holidays to have the traditional dinner.  During the other holiday, we snack –various crackers, cheeses, olives, summer sausage, etc.  Of course, throw in a good football game and we are good to go.  It keeps us from being burned out on turkey / ham or having too many sweets.  We do this when our extended families can’t join us.

Watching the Christmas movies year round inspires me as a writer.  I have written some children’s Christian workbooks that go with a summer camp I do, but I am venturing out into the creative world of fiction writing.  My two current works in progress are Mystery at Bear Creek Island and Southern Grace.   All of my works will most likely be set during the winter months – holiday time and anywhere from Georgia to the Canadian Rockies.

You can read short samples of my writings at and follow me on Twitter at

My favorite is YA Mystery, YA Romance, and Earl Grey Tea – Come have a cup with me.