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A church ghost must have the perfect setting to haunt in. I knew from my travels to Maine just what I was looking for. So let me introduce you to Blue Cove a beautiful coastal town straight out of my imagination.

Driving slowly down Main Street, beautiful old trees line both sides of the street. Large ceramic pots filled with flowers decorate each corner and are spaced at intervals on the block. The town’s recent renovations brought new facades to many of the buildings adding to the streets overall appeal. Old fashioned lamp posts and the smell of the ocean give it that wonderful New England feel; stunning with the changing colors of fall or a light dusting of snow in the winter.

The Cove Book Store is on Main Street and it’s for sale. It’s not hard to  imagine it with a new name, a period hanging sign and of course, some fresh paint. On the other side of the street is First Community Church, a pristine white building complete with a steeple,  bell, a cemetery  on the property, and the woods beyond. Perfect, I know!

Blue Cove is a short distance off the highway  and has amazing views of the cove. The water often takes on a deep blue hue and the sunsets are spectacular. The town is complete with a seaside village, town square and marina overlooking the cove.  Tranquility, and a slower pace is what Blue Cove advertises. But, times are changing in this community, and things aren’t as they seem.