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I was working quietly at my desk, when a loud commotion in the hall startled me. Before I could get up from my chair to see about it. A young woman breezed through my office door. Her red curly hair sat precariously on top of her head. It wasn’t really up, nor was it down but it was leaning somewhere in between. I had to sit on my hand to keep from reaching over to hold it in place.

“Hey Blondie, are you our new secretary?” Her mouth crinkled at the edge as she smiled at me.

“Yes…” I told her my name, smiling back at her.

“I’m Linda, the custodian.” She plopped down in the chair across from my desk looking over the top of her glasses at me. She grabbed a pop-up from the dispenser, dug her pencil out of her hair and wrote something down. “Did you know we have a church ghost here?”

“No…” I mumbled shaking my head.

“Well, we do, so if you ever see her be sure to let me know. We’re keeping track of the sightings.” She pushed the paper towards me. “You can also tell her. I’ll be back to see you Blondie. I tell you more about her another day.”

“Okay, Red.” It just popped out of mouth, but that is what I would call her from then on.

And that is how the idea for my book was born.